Wild Flowers at Monkey Mia

Shark Bay Wildflowers: Hibbertia cuneiformis

We have just had some rain here in Shark Bay so the Wild Flower season this year is just going to be fabulous. Shark Bay being part of a World Heritage listed area makes it an ideal place to see and enjoy  the wild flowers. Some of the species you will find nowhere else in the world

The rugged landscape comes alive with a blaze of brilliant colours and lush scents from June to November.

Shark Bay Wildflowers: Everlastings

For six picturesque months, a whopping 12,000 plant species carpet the state with their vivid beauty – and endless varieties are still being discovered! And over 60% of these species are found nowhere else in the world.

In Western Australia, Australia’s most familiar wildflowers take a dazzling twist from the norm. Pink boronias, red and green kangaroo paw, magenta paperbark blossom and orange-flowering banksias are top of the list for wildflower spotters.Shark Bay Wildflower Tours

Explore the Shark Bays  wildflower extravaganza at your leisure, or enjoy Mother Nature’s finest show on an organised tour.

For information  on the Wild Flower Northern Explorer Trail Click Here   Wild Flowers


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