What to do on your next holiday? Go on a road trip

The road trip, commonly called the roadie. We have been doing it for generations, your parents, their  parents and your great grandparents all did road trips, I bet as kids you went on road trips, mainly because it was to expensive to fly. As it has become cheaper to fly now days we don’t tend to do as many road trips, I think this is sad because a generation of kids are missing out on this great tradition.

There are heaps of hidden gems that you only get to see if you are driving, you get to touch, feel, smell, hear and taste more of this awesome country when you hit the road. In Western Australia we have many hidden gems up and down the coast which you never get to see unless you drive, really a holiday shouldn’t so much be about the destination but more about the journey, the thrill and excitement in getting somewhere special, that feeling that not many people have been here, that is what a road trip is all about. So if you live in Perth,Geraldton, Albany, Denmark, Broome  or where ever next time you think about a holiday think about a road trip, hit the road and spend your money local, see this awesome state of ours and be blown away with what we have here in Western Australia.

Taste it, Feel it, See it, Smell it, Hear it

Where do I go?

Shark Bay, Karijinni, Broome, The Kimberly, The Pilbara, Margaret River it doesn’t really matter just hit the road.

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