Francois Peron National Park

We went out to the Francois Peron National Park the other day, what an awesome day. It is high clearance four wheel drive once you are past the homestead. It is very important that lower your tyre pressure to around 20 Psi. This does two things helps you not get stuck in the soft sand and because you skid less is helps maintain the track in better condition.

The Park is an old pastoral station and its 52 500 hectares is a four wheel mecca. Awesome scenery, marine and wild life makes this park a must see when you visit Shark Bay.

Its up to you when it comes to going out in the park, you can go for the day in your own four wheel drive or take a tour. You can also camp out in the park, at a number of camp sites.

It will be a trip you will remember and one you will want to do more than once.

Francois Peron National Park

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