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Keep Your Website Updated

Keep your WordPress plugins up to date. Make sure you know how to use WP Engine to create backup points, restore your website using a backup point, and use your Staging site.
Read more: Using WP Engine for Backups and Updates

Content Updates

To update the main areas of content on your website:

  • Pages:
    • Add web pages using Dashboard, Pages or click New - Page in the top menu that appears when you are logged in.
    • Edit pages directly at the 'front end' of your site by using the Page Builder. Click the Page Builder link in the top menu when you are on the page you want to edit. Page Builder options will then appear on your screen. Hover over the section you want to edit and click the spanner icon to access options and edit text or images.
  • News: Add/edit posts and categories using Dashboard, Posts. Make sure to set a Featured Image
  • Menus: Add new items and reorder using Dashboard, Appearance, Menus
  • Forms: edit forms using Dashboard, Forms. Click an existing form to edit. To place a form in a page, use the Add Gravity Form icon in the page edit, next to the Upload/Insert link.
  • Reviews: When a user submits a review, they appear as "Pending Review" under Dashboard, Reviews. An email will be sent to the admin email address of the site. You will need to publish these before they will appear on the site. When editing these posts, you can choose to write a response to the reviewer in the field provided. You may enter a review title to help you scan your reviews more easily. At present this has been entered as the reviewer's name.

Image Sizes

Prepare the following types of images to the required sizes before uploading to your website:

  • Home page feature images (Villas, Features, Attractions): 600px x 449px
  • Gallery images: ideal minimum 800px on the long side; images will appear as sized
  • Feature images on villas listing page: 800px wide

WordPress Image Editor: Crop or resize images after uploading using Dashboard, Media Library and clicking the Edit Image link. There are videos showing how to use this editor under Dashboard, Manual, Videos. You can also edit images via the Page Builder by accessing the image and clicking the Edit link.

Advanced Image Editor: Edit images before uploading using the Canva image editor.

Learn more about image optimisation: How Image Optimisation affects your website

Change T&C in Footer

  • Login to the site
  • Click on the T&C Footer link to go to the page
  • Click on Page Builder in the top black Admin bar
  • Hover of the text module and click the spanner icon, top left of the module
  • Change the text as needed, click the Save button when you are happy with the changes
  • Click the blue Done button (top right) and click publish
  • Go back to the Footer and test the link and check the changes are as expected


To review use of your website:

Knowledge Base Articles

Your website uses the WordPress CMS with a front-end page builder called Beaver Builder.
To learn more about Beaver Builder:

The OM4 Service Desk Knowledge Base has many articles describing how to carry out specific tasks.

View OM4 Service Desk Knowledge Base

How To Videos

Adding a Review

Using WPEngine: Updates and Backups

Your WordPress website requires regular software updates. It is recommended you know how to create backup points so you can restore your Live website to a prior backup if needed. You can also create a Staging site (a complete copy of your Live website) so you can try out new plugins or test updates before they are run on your Live site.

  • Updates: Keep your website up to date - visit Dashboard, Updates regularly and make sure you are running the latest versions of WordPress, plugins and your theme.
  • Backup Points: Create a backup point before running updates using Dashboard, WP Engine, User Portal (or just login to and create a manual backup point. You can Restore to this backup point if needed.
  • Staging: You can create a Staging copy of your website at any time, for example to experiment with new plugins. You can update your Staging site without affecting your Live website.
  • Test After Updates: After making changes such as updating WordPress, plugins or your theme, you should check your site still operates normally, particularly for your important website functions such as enquiry forms, online sales or service/product pages.