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Things to Do in Monkey Mia / Denham

Monkey Mia Dolphin Interaction

Dolphin Showing Off at Monkey Mia

Dolphin Showing Off at Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is just a short drive from Denham, just 24Km. Monkey Mia has attracted dolphins to its tranquil shores daily for more than forty years.  This dolphin interaction is known to be one of the most reliable meeting places for dolphins in the world.

Dolphins have visited every day in the last five years excluding only four times. It is the only place in Australia where dolphins visit daily.

Visit the WA Department of Environment and Conservation Visiting Monkey Mia web page.

Shark Bay World Heritage Drive

Shark Bay World Heritage Drive

Shark Bay World Heritage Drive

Celebrating its World Heritage status, Shark Bay now offers the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive, a 130km drive commencing at the Overlander Roadhouse on the North West Coastal Highway through to Monkey Mia.The Drive encompasses the most fascinating features of the area. Here you can get in touch with the Earth’s evolutionary and biological history, its unique natural formations and seek out habitats where threatened species survive.

Read more about the Shark Bay World Heritage Drive.

Download: Shark Bay World Heritage Brochure

Shark Bay Discovery Centre

The Shark Bay Interpretive Centre celebrates the bio-diversity of eco-systems and explores the area’s World Heritage listing, natural landscape, bays, islands, lagoons, marine and terrestrial landforms and animals. Shark Bay is one of only 16 sites worldwide that satisfy all four criteria for World Heritage listing, boasts 10% of the world dugong population, and is home to dolphins, whales, manta rays, turtles, sharks, fish species and rare marsupials.

Visit Shark Bay Discovery Centre

Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Visit Ocean Park to explore the Oceanarium, watch the shark feeding and see many other onsite attractions and marine curiosities during your guided tour of the facility. Ocean Park is an excellent and affordable way to see, touch and learn about the wonders of the marine environment.

Visit  Ocean Park

Aboriginal Culture Tours, 4WD / Kayak & Snorkel Tours

Wula Guda Nyinda operates a variety of tours designed to explore the cultural ties of the Nhanda and Malgana people to the Shark Bay region. From ‘Red Sand Country’ to ‘White Sand’, each tour is its own unique adventure where no stone is left unturned in exploring the remarkable Gutharraguda, and uncovering the secrets, stories and traditions of their harmonious relationship with the land.

Visit Wulaguda Aboriginal Cultural Tours

Monkey Mia Yacht Charters

A tranquil nautical scene at Monkey Mia Beach

A tranquil nautical scene at Monkey Mia Beach

The “Aristocat 2″ is a modern sailing catamaran which operates multiple dolphin and dugong cruises daily from Monkey Mia. Skipper Greg Ridgely and his experienced crew know this area like the back of their hands.

Licensed bar and other comforts ensure a perfect voyage.

Occasional whale and turtle sightings are a bonus.

Visit Monkey Mia Yacht Charters

Blue Lagoon Pearl Farm

The Blue Lagoon Pearl Farm in Red Cliff Bay is the only one of its kind in Western Australia, open to tourists all year round. Just as the dolphins are a rarity, so too is the pearl farm where you can buy Black Lip and Albina pearl shell souvenirs and exquisite pearl jewellery of all colours at affordable prices.

Visit Blue Lagoon Pearl Farm

Unreal Fishing Charters

Snapper caught in Shark Bay

Snapper caught in Shark Bay

Make sure your visit to Shark Bay includes an unreal fishing experience. We have the knowledge and we know the spots. Our twin 135 hp Cat is fast, quiet and reliable.

We’ll take you to the best spots and have you hauling them in quick smart. That’s our business and we’re very good at it. We’ll send you home with unreal fishing stories.

Visit Unreal Fishing Charters

The Old Pearler Restaurant

The Old Pearler Restaurant Denham

The Old Pearler Restaurant

Fine dining à la carte waterfront restaurant featuring the superb local seafood. Fresh local produce is our specialty. Winner of “Healthy Choice” award. The old Pearler Restaurant is truly unique. It’s the only restaurant in the world made from Coquina shell! And it is the most photographed building in Shark Bay so don’t miss it!

Read Old Pearler Restaurant reviews.


Shark Bay Bowling Club

If you are looking for a game of lawn bowls head to the Shark Bay bowling club.  They have cheap drinks and it is a great place to catch up with some local characters.

Shark Bay Car Hire

Enjoy the freedom and adventure of exploring Denham, Monkey Mia and the National Parks areas in a quality family car, 4WD or motor scooter from Shark Bay Car Hire. Of course we can also give you some invaluable information about the district with advice on how to see our leading tourist attractions.

Visit  Shark Bay Car Hire

Mac Attack Sport Fishing Safaris

As seen on the “Fishing WA” television series!! TV presenter Steve Correia says, “One of the TOP 5 one day charters I’ve been on.” Choose from range of half day and full day fishing adventures. Skilled fishing guide Phil Lake will help you catch trophy size snapper, cod, coral trout, spanish mackerel, mack tuna and other species.

Visit Mac Attack Sportfishing Safaris

Quad Bike Tours

Quad bike tours are a wonderful family adventure whether you’re driving or tagging along on the pillion seat holding on to Mum or Dad. You’ll get a real buzz which will likely be the highlight of your entire holiday. Choose your first quad bike trek.

Visit Shark Bay Scenic Quad Bike Tours

Shark Bay Air Charter

The only way to understand the geology of this vast area and take in all the beauty it offers is via one of the popular scenic air tours offered by Shark Bay Air Charter. We guarantee that the multi-coloured ocean and incredibly red cliffs will fill you with awe. Worth every penny. Highly skilled commercial pilots and first rate aircraft.

Visit Shark Bay Air Charter

Wonders of Shark Bay and Monkey Mia with Shark Bay Coastal Tours

Shark Bay Coastal Tours  is an Aboriginal family owned and operated specialist tour company which offers unique culturally inspired 4-wheel drive adventures in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Explore amazing remote beaches and visit awe inspiring World Heritage Sites and National Parks.

  • See the spectacular limestone cliffs and blowholes at Steep Point
  • Visit the stromatolites at Hamelin Bay and hear the history of the Hamelin Pool
  • Telegraph Station Check out the amazing accumulation of bright white shells on Shell Beach
  • Spot marine life and hear about traditional hunting methods at Eagle Bluff
  • See the spectacular scenery of Peron Peninsula and Francois Peron National Park
  • NEW: Overnight tours to Francois Peron National Park and Steep Point

Experience the wonders of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area with Denham’s Small Group 4WD Tour Specialist.

Visit the  Shark Bay Coastal Tours  website.

Download  Shark Bay Coastal Tours Brochure

360 Degree Panoramas

Panarama Map

1. Dirk Hartog Island Lighthouse Stand on famous Inscription Point and gaze out to sea like famous explorers did in yearsgone by. View 360° interactive panorama.
2. Skipjack Point Get a bird’s eye view from on top of Skipjack Point and enjoy the red sand cliffs extending as far as the eye can see. View 360° interactive panorama.

3. Peron Shearing Shed Travel back in time to when Peron was a working sheep station by viewing the interior of the old Peron shearing shed in Francois Peron National Park. View 360° interactive panorama.
4. What’s a Birrida? Birrida is the local name for depressions in the sand left behind when temporary saline lakes evaporated several thousand years ago. Why not check one out! View 360° interactive panorama.
5. Monkey Mia Dolphin Feed Get above the feeding of the dolphins at Monkey Mia and view the close interaction between animal and man. View 360° interactive panorama.
6. Dirk Hartog Island Cliffs Admire the amazing views that visitors to Dirk Hartog Island travel great distances to enjoy. View 360° interactive panorama.
7. Steep Point Stand on the most westerly point of Australia atop the cliffs of Steep Point with the sea far below. View 360° interactive panorama.
8. Sunrise at Shelter Bay Wake to a stunning sunrise on the beach at Shelter Bay near Steep Point. View 360° interactive panorama.
9. In the Mangroves Get in and amongst the mangroves, one of Shark Bay’s rarer plant communities. No insects here! View 360° interactive panorama.
10. Dunes like a Saharan Desert The mobile dunes of Edel Land evoke thoughts of the Sahara desert, testimony to the strong southerly wind that buffet the coast. View 360° interactive panorama.
11. Shell Beach View both unique Shell Beach and the electric fence that keeps feral predators out of Peron Peninsula as part of Project Eden. View 360° interactive panorama.
12. Blowholes Look down into a natural vent (or ‘blowhole’) in the limestone cliffs where water spouts when the seas are up. View 360° interactive panorama.
13. Crayfish Bay The 150 kilometre-long Zuytdorp Cliffs are only broken at a few spots, such as rocky Crayfish Bay. View the roaring surf and boulder-strewn beach. View 360° interactive panorama.
14. Baba Point Stand on top of the craggy limestone point at Baba Head in Tamala Station and enjoy the view out into the shallow waters of Shark Bay. View 360° interactive panorama.
15. Tree Heath Vegetation View giant heath vegetation known as ‘tree heath'; a familiar vegetation type in southern parts of Shark Bay. View 360° panorama.