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Shark Bay Tours

There is alot to do when you visit Shark Bay. So it is up to you relax or have a full on fun packed holiday. Here is a list of just some of the tours available here in Shark Bay. Unreal Fishing Charters Mac Attack Fishing Charters Shark Bay Quad bike tours Shot Over Cruise […]

Internet Specials

When booking your accommodation at Oceanside Village check out our  Internet Specials. Book Directly on line and you can get great saving on 3 nights and 7 nights stays. Up to 15 per cent off.   You will also receive Free Wifi  and Foxtel.  

Happy Birthday it’s Shark Bays 21st

Shark Bay’s World Heritage area has come of age. It is 21 years since this 2.2 million hectares of land and sea became the first area in Australia to join the UNESCO World Heritage list. It satisfied all of the four natural criteria for that listing – natural beauty, biological diversity, ecological processes and Earth’s […]

Denham the Capital of Shark Bay

Denham the Capital of Shark Bay is just a short 831km north west of Perth. Monkey Mia is just a 28km drive from Denham, what alot of people don’t realise is that other than a resort there is nothing else at Monkey Mia. Denham is the town in shark bay, there are supermarkets,resturants,cafes ,fuel and […]

Francois Peron National Park

We went out to the Francois Peron National Park the other day, what an awesome day. It is high clearance four wheel drive once you are past the homestead. It is very important that lower your tyre pressure to around 20 Psi. This does two things helps you not get stuck in the soft sand […]